What are the benefits of CBD?


CBD from hemp is a fantastic ingredient that has been used for decades across the globe for pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic and more. Today the magical ingredient is popping up again on shelves across the globe for the same reasons. Women use if for menstrual relief, athlete’s use it for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits and many of us use it to help us sleep and reduce our daily stressors in this crazy world.

5 benefits of CBD

  1. Pain relief
  2. Reduce anxiety
  3. Alleviate inflammation
  4. May reduce acne
  5. Better sleep

How CBD Works:

We all have a system in our body called the endocannabinoid system. This system hast endocannabinoid receptors called EC1 and EC2 receptors. The EC receptors are dispersed throughout our body and each one of us has a very unique system.

Scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the early 1990s while exploring THC, a well-known cannabinoid. Cannabis contains compounds known as cannabinoids. The ECS is still not fully understood by experts. Yet we know that it plays a role in a range of processes and functions, including:

Reproduction and fertility

CBD is a very different cannabinoid from THC. It is important to note that CBD is non-psychoactive and does not cause a high like THC would.

How can you use CBD?

There are many of different ways to use CBD and it is largely dependent on your personal preferences. Since each one of us has a very unique endocannabinoid system, we may find that we are affected by CBD in slightly different ways and therefore prefer different methods of application.

CBD Oil: The most popular form of using CBD is through by ingesting CBD oils. One should check the dosage of the CD oil and hold under the tongue for 60 seconds allowing the CBD oil to be absorbed to the blood stream.

CBD Capsules: CBD capsules are ingested by mouth, however instead of being absorbed directly through the mouth lining into the blood stream, digestion begins in the stomach. Capsules are a great alternative to CBD oils.

CBD Topicals: Also referred to as cosmetics or skincare, these are CBD products that you put on your skin rather than ingesting. They range from body butters, to body oils, lotions, bath salts and more.

CBD E-liquids & Vapes: Another method of ingesting CBD is through a vaping device. CBD infused oils are placed into a vaping device and inhaled.

CBD Edibles: The tastiest way to enjoy CBD is with delicious CBD edibles such as gummies and lozenges. Digestion starts in the mouth and continues along the digestive system.

If you are looking to start your CBD journey make sure you find a reputable company such as the HuGG CBD that is backed by CiiTECH, a cannabis research company.