Confessions of an Instagram Influencer with Roxanne Saanglai

These days Instagram influencers are a trendy topic in the news. HuGG couldn’t pass up the awesome opportunity to speak to one of our newest brand ambassadors – Roxy from Roxology Fitness and find out what makes her radically authentic, and what being a micro-influencer is really like. She is a nutritionist, certified life coach and a holistic healthy lifestyle activist hailing from East London and here’s what she had to say.


What does your perfect breakfast look like?

I am obsessed with chia seeds and oats, with a dash of strawberries or watermelon. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon and a spoon of honey.

What song is most likely to be on your playlist based on your workout styles?

Dua Lipa. I love her music and anything by her. Her music is so encouraging and her beats are insane.


What do you do to unwind after a long day?

Definitely meditation. Even if my day has been amazing, I just take 10-15 minutes to sit and breathe and play some soothing music, just to re-centre myself.


What makes you feel emotionally charged?

Three things for me- 1) A really good meal recharges me 100%. 2) HuGG energizing oil drops gives me such a boost anytime of the day. 3) Anything outdoors in nature. I love being amongst the trees, and hearing the birds makes me feel so connected to the world.


What incredibly common thing have you never done?

I have never had a Cinnabon or a churro.


What skincare product do you buy way more of than most people?

I am obsessed with coconut oil. I use it for a bunch of things like cleaning, cooking, treating sunburn or as a natural sunblock, makeup removal and even cleaning my teeth.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words:

FridayDance party!
Self care Pampering
Happy placeOut in nature. Yoga studio
VacationCape Town. France


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