Secrets you should know about your body butter

Basic tips

Let’s first look at some basic tips you should consider when you’re delving into body butters.

Skin condition: Take into account your skin type and condition. For example, if you have sensitive skin then go for a non-comedogenic butter.

Lifestyles also matter. If you’re in the sun lots then get a body butter that has SPF protection.

Put generous scoops on your skin and gently massage with broad strokes until most of it absorbs.

Don’t rub it completely in so that it creates a nice soothing and protective barrier.

Problem areas like your knees, ankles, elbows, feet , and hands need extra attention because they are prone to dryness.

Body butter vs body lotion

If you’re like me, I didn’t know there was a difference between the two till I started using both products, and then I realised there was a big, BIG difference. The first thing to note is that body lotions can be used throughout the year but body butters are meant specifically for dry or winter seasons. Body butter is applied in less quantities than your lotion because it is so thick and moisturising.

What about the difference in ingredients? Well body butters contain raw, less refined ingredients than lotions and they’re more basic. So we are advised to use body butters on our body, not as a facial cream.

Benefits and uses

Yes, we all know the basic uses and benefits of body butters, but here we will look at some of those secrets of your body butter that you never knew before. We know it’s a great moisturiser and firms skin while softening it, but here’s some new uses and benefits to think about.

  • Impromptu makeup remover: If you’ve run out of makeup remover, have no fear. Just apply a pea-sized amount on to a tissue and gently rub away, even on that stubborn waterproof makeup.
  • No Shaving cream? Oops. Luckily body butter makes an incredible alternative for shaving cream and provides a protective barrier. 
  • Sun exposure has it’s harsh effects on our skin. Using your body butter after a day in the summer sun helps to replenish lost moisture, repairs your skin, and encourages cell turnover. The free radicals calm irritated skin.
  •  Hair nourisher: Yup, body butters do a great job at replenishing dry, stressed hair by simply rubbing it into your hair then washing it as normal. Awesome, hey?
  • Scars and stretch marks : Using body butters reduces the appearance of these because of the high content of fatty acids and vitamins and emollients that have the oxidative ability to heal scars.

Why CBD Mango Body Butter?

Mango CBD body butter is exploding with exquisite flavour and smell, not forgetting the abundance of vitamin A and E (and beta carotene). This butter is relatively thick and recommended for intensely dry skin. Who knew it reduces signs of ageing too? Having CBD in your body butter has so many additional benefits to using ordinary body butters. CBD topical use with a thick butter and high fat substance means your skin has a longer time to absorb CBD into your skin, holding on to the high levels of CBD. Here’s other more traditional benefits of a CBD body butter:

Antioxidants.Oil-controlling. Natural skin conditioning. Pleasant aroma.

Final thoughts on body butter

Ever wondered why body butters have become increasingly popular? They are loaded with amazing skin benefits from moisturizing to elasticizing. Choosing the right type of butter specific to your skin type is very important in order to get the most value for the product. They are great skin hydrators and improve your overall skin texture and tone. Not only are they trending, they actually work really well. So treat your skin to endless benefits with CBD body butter and I promise you will love the look and feel of your new gorgeous skin.